Where To Go

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What is Where To Go?
- An advertisement reaching to tourist directly
- Efficient publicity method.
- Makes your advertisement one to one to tourist
- Introduces your business to tourist in hotel
- Are advertising cards on stand
- A service given within the borders of Antalya province.
Aray Dış Tic. ve Pazarlama A.Ş.

Approximate 9 million of 25 million tourists coming to our country comes to Antalya. If we assume, each tourist coming spends 100 $, a 900 million $ of market is available. Increasing the share falling o you become possible with efficient promotion. If only 0,5% of those looking at Where to Go stand purchases from a part attracting its interest from Where to Gos, you will reach 450.000 visitors directly. Job partnership you will make with Where to Go will move you 3 steps ahead of your rivals. Your working with Where to Go moves you a platform that 9 million visitors pass by.

Where to Go will be available in Antalya region
- in total 80 accommodation facilities,
- in touristic areas allocated by Municipality,
- in shopping centres,
- in the places to be determined by business in Airports and Port Authority

With the promotion you will make in Where to Go stands, you will provide more appearance and becoming more attractive place of your business.
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