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Fraco firm we work about movable facade platforms is Canadian firm. Products are manufactured in Canada.

These machines being safer, more practical and useful than classic scaffold in façade applications are presented to selection of our customers in different capacities and dimensions according to need. With its hydraulic design, it has a superior technology in terms of reliability and power. Our machines comes safety, speed and flexibility close together. It comes through with its versatility and represents the best selection for all facade applications, curtain wall installation, metal framing, etc. for contractors.

Aray Dış Tic. ve Pazarlama A.Ş.

Our machines can be installed with either one or two colons and constitutes solution to vertical Access problems. It is a suitable solution for industrial projects too.

Firm has ISO 9001:2000 certificates, all products have CE mark.

Advantages provided to your Project/Site….
*Easy storing and fast mounting. Provide economy!
*Extra electric and mechanic safety equipment. Increase job safety!
*Easy use. Maintain operational facility!
*High productivity, low cost. Earn while purchasing and using!
*Low energy consumption. Make saving!
*Easy adaptation to different using objectives. Provide the most convenient solution in al your projects!
*Production in ISO 9001 standards with CE certificate, purchase quality!
*Take uninterrupted professional service with after sale service and spare part support of FRACO-ARAY DIŞ TİC. A.Ş.!

Areas of Usage;
* It has wide use areas from putting up wall to coating painting Works, from insulation to facings, application of facade material, glass, panel assemblage.
* Movable façade platforms raise materials and personnel to the most suitable height on platform, using portable control panel. It elevates job quality and speed.
* It is more efficient, fastest and safer than conventional pipe scaffolding systems.
* As it gives the possibility of working efficient working, number of personnel working decreases and working period shortens.
* With its different use areas and modular structure for your needs, it has a great variety of design and product group.
* It can be extended in a way to be complied with all kinds of façade designs and surfaces according to architectural project. It provides flexible working with its modular structure.
* It works in all weather conditions and facilitates working of personnel.

ARAY Dış. Tic. ve Pazarlama A.Ş. ARAY Dış. Tic. ve Pazarlama A.Ş. ARAY Dış. Tic. ve Pazarlama A.Ş.

ARAY Dış. Tic. ve Pazarlama A.Ş.
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ARAY Dış. Tic. ve Pazarlama A.Ş.
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