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Nature Friendly Products

Bamboo being a strength and elegant material is used in house building and furniture business for thousands of years. Bamboo, a valuable and renewable resource presents a series of products giving reply both to residential and commercial needs in every place. In addition to natural beauty, bamboo has the properties of resistance to depreciation and permanency which these properties make bamboo ideal flooring material.

Contrary to conventional timbers, bamboo is produced from stalks of bamboo.

They belongs to herb class not to timber one in botanically and has the characteristic of being fastest growing woody plant of the world.

They grow in great amounts and reach to 60 inch length at the end of first a few months growing, later are harvested one every 3- 5 years. Bamboo not cut in 5 years dies.

On the contrary to the hard timber woods having tens of year- life when they are cut, they goes to waste in case of not using. This renders bamboo one of the most renewable and abundant natural resources of the world.

Preferring bamboo, you can reduce consumption demand for timber materials based on rain forests and help to the protection of environment for next generations within this process.

A 7,000 m2 factory built on an area of 13,000 m2
In the middle of job axis in Hanoi-Haiphong port
Drying, section formation, mounting and finishing are main production stages.

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